Commando Chaplains

Sorry, I haven’t touched my website for quite a while. I was absorbed with the production of COMMANDO CHAPLAINS, a Channel 4 documentary about the work of two Royal Navy chaplains in Afghanistan. It was a great opportunity to ask a few poignant questions about the morality of warfare and I think the film will be very thought provoking.

I worked once again with Jim Foster. He filmed with Nigel Bearsley, a Church of England priest and I walked in the footsteps of Bill Gates (not the one you think), a Methodist minister. Both of them work for the Royal Navy and follow the troops where ever they go. We ended up in Helmand Province where the Royal Marines 45 Commando are fighting a very difficult battle against the Taliban.

Broadcast Date: 12 July 2009 (as part of a series called ‘Revelations’)


Back into history:

I just found a picture of 1985, my early days in Afghanistan, the beginning of my documentary filmmaker career. Surviging all these many years without any major incidences I must have had a very busy guardian angel. At the time I followed a group of Afghan Mujahedin who were fighting against the Sovjet occupation. 24 years later, not much has changed. Instead of the Russians the Afghans are now fighting Western Forces. They will always hate invaders.


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