Date: July 2014
Location: Canada
Distributor: Al Jazeera English (July 2014) – 24 min.
Credits: directed, filmed & edited by Claudio von Planta
Reporter: Juliana Ruhfus

THE PEOPLE SMUGGLERS is an investigation into the tough application of Canada’s immigration laws and asks whether it is justified.


Background Information:

In 2014 the UN released a striking statistic:
For the first time since World War II over 50 million people are now living as refugees around the world.


As a result rich nations face higher flows of refugee claimants causing many to opt for ever stricter border controls. But those who are fleeing war and persecution are adopting new tactics, too. Increasingly they are opting to place themselves into the hands of networks of people smugglers who, for a fee, promise to take them to their destination.


This episode of People & Power follows the arrival of two boats with Tamil refugees in Canada and asks whether the tough application of Canada’s immigration laws, resulting in many potential deportations, is justified.


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