Date: September 2009
Location: Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan
Distributor: BBC, National Geographic etc. – 6×60 min.
Credits: directed and filmed by Claudio von Planta
Co-director and producer – Sam Simon
2nd cameraman – Robin Shek
Editors – Julia Frater, Paul Jackson, John Walker, Mike Clark-Hall, David Aitkinson
Production Company – Big Earth
BY ANY MEANS is a 6×60 minutes BBC adventure series with Charley Boorman traveling from Sydney to Tokyo. He looks at different forms of transport, wins insights into many cultures and discovers little known corners of the world.

Production Notes:

The whole expedition lasted 3.5 months. We worked in a 4 man team during the filming and several editing teams organised the post-production back at base in London. Good editors are always essential for good documentaries. Their skills and efforts contribute at least 70% to the success of such a big series.


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