Date: April 2004
Location: Europe, Russia, Kasachstan, Mongolia, Siberia, North Armerica
Distributor: National Geographic, world-wide – 10×45 min.
Credits: directed and filmed by Claudio von Planta (on 3rd motorbike)
Producers Directors: David Alexanian + Russ Malkin / Support Cameraman: Jimmy Simak / Editors: Julia Frater, Jake Roberts, Manus Fraser, Jon Harris
Winner of Broadcast Awards 2006 for Best Multi Channel Programme of the Year
LONG WAY ROUND is the most iconic documentary series I ever shot. The show captured an epic motorbike journey around the world from London to New York with actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman.

I got hired as a director/cameraman and followed Ewan and Charley on a third motorbike. My ability to work on my own was crucial for this 4 month assignment.
Official website: www.longwayround.com


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1. Rob - April 23, 2012

Claudio, your work on this and Long way down have inspired millions of people around the world! We all love the Documentary’s and hope you are aware how loved you are along with Ewan and Charley.

2. Claudio von Planta - May 4, 2012

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the praise. It’s always very motivating to hear that LWR & LWD struck a cord with so many people. It was also an eye opening experience for myself to capture such epic adventures. Have you seen http://www.RacingGreenEndurance.com? A record breaking electric car journey from Alaska to Argentina – a world first in 2010 and another road movie I enjoyed a lot.

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