Date: August 2005
Location: Jordan
Distributor: Sky (August 2005) – 46 min.
Credits: filmed by Claudio von Planta
Director: Marty Benson / Producer: Hugo MacGregor – Princess Productions
In this film I’m following British actor Neil Morrissey and his partner Emma on a Bedouin camel trek along the historic footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia.

The two week journey, through the Jordanian desert at temperatures up to 50 Celsius, pushes both to physical and emotional limits.
Production Notes:

Fortunately I was accustomed to the heat from previous assignments in the Middle East. But riding a camel was a first. It’s not without risk. Director Marty Benson had a serious fall and injured his shoulder very badly. Personally, I feel safer on a motorbike but in the soft desert sand you wouldn’t get far.
This desert experience was an extreme test of my Sony Z1 camera. Despite the crazy temperatures and all the dust I didn’t encounter any problems. Consistently I’m really impressed by Sony equipment.


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