RWANDA-17 Healing a Nation



Date: November 2011
Location: Rwanda, UK, USA, Mexico
Distributor: RTV, Tele10, Sky, VOD – 64 min.
Credits: directed, filmed & produced by Claudio von Planta
Additional Cameraman: Jonathan Richards
Editor: Julia Frater
Reporter: Sorious Samura
Winner of Hillywood Silverback Award

RWANDA-17 Healing a Nation follows the first ever Rwandan footballers who qualified to compete at a World Cup. Their success inspires hope for reconciliation after the 1994 genocide.



The stars of RWANDA-17 are teenage African footballers from war torn Rwanda who managed to qualify for the 2011 Under-17 World Cup in Mexico. This never happened before. Their story is a metaphor of Rwanda’s breathtaking recovery after the 1994 genocide and shows how the success of these young footballers – all born after 1994 – can re-unite a nation and inspire hope for reconciliation, development and a better future.

RWANDA-17 is presented by award winning reporter Sorious Samura who became well known for his filming of the brutal civil war in his home country Sierra Leone. Frustrated about the lack of progress in Sierra Leone Sorious wanted to find out how Rwandans managed to restore peace and rebuild their country more effectively.


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