Date: August 2003
Location: Iraq
Distributor: ITV and MBC (17 May 04) – 52 min.
Credits: filmed and directed by Claudio von Planta
Producer and Co-Director: Giles Trendle / Production Company: OR TV
SADDAM’S LEGACY offers an overview of Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein.

I filmed this footage during August and September 2003 and captured the build up of ethnic and religious tensions, which soon led to civil war.
My Co-director was Giles Trendle, an Arabist and Middle East correspondent. His excellent understanding of the Shia and Sunni divide allowed us to predict all the troubles of post Saddam Iraq. Giles’s analysis was very accurate and is still valid today.
This documentary is the last episode of a 4×52 min. series commissioned by ITV and MBC.


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