Date: March 1998
Location: Northern Iraq
Distributor: CBS 60 Minutes, ABC Australia, ZDF Germany etc.
Credits: filmed by Claudio von Planta
Director and Reporter: Gwynne Roberts of RW Films / Producer: John Williams
1998 Rory Peck Award Special Commendation
1998 Royal Television Society Nomination for the best foreign documentary
SADDAM’S SECRET TIME BOMB investigates the long-term effects of chemical weapons used against the Kurdish city of Halabja in 1988.

This is a short sequence of a 40-minute Dispatches programme for Channel 4 (UK)
With a tiny Sony DV camera I followed director/reporter Gwynne Roberts and the British geneticist Christine Gosden on a clandestine investigation in Northern Iraq. I shot the most harrowing pictures of my life and the film sold world-wide: CBS 60 Minutes USA, ABC Australia, ZDF Germany etc.


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