Date: September 2004
Location: Sudan, Chad
Distributor: Channel 4 UK Dispatches – 48 min. / Discovery Times, CNN International
Credits: directed and filmed by Claudio von Planta
Producer: George Waldrum / Director of Edit: Simon Atkins / Editor: Paul Dosaj
Executive Producer: Ron McCullagh of Insight News Television
2006 Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Investigative Journalism – Long Form
SURVIVING SUDAN (LIVING WITH REFUGEES) is a film where award winning reporter Sorious Samura lived for four weeks with Darfur refugees.

As a director/cameraman I followed Sorious and a group of refugees from the Sudan/Chad border to the overcrowded camp of Breidjing in Chad. We had entered a world that defied common sense where a lack of proper registration procedures and bureaucracy leads to unbelievable hardship.


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