Date: April 2007
Location: UK and Iraq
Distributor: Channel 4 News UK (8 May 2007)
Credits: directed, filmed and edited by Claudio von Planta
This is an investigation into the forced repatriation of Iraqi Kurds who failed to obtain asylum in Britain.

The failed asylum seeker are first arrested – usually at night – and end up in detention camps in the UK. Later they are flown to Northern Iraq where the authorities don’t want to have anything to do with them. The consequences are often catastrophic and sometimes deadly. I can’t help thinking of Jews who disappeared during WW2.
It’s not surprising to observe xenophobic attitudes when one considers the high volume of immigration into Western Europe. But the practice of the British Forced Repatriation is clearly undermining Universal Human Rights and we face dangerous double standards. It is an important issue that affects all of us.


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