Date: March 2007
Location: Iraq
Distributor: Channel 4 News UK (8 May 2007)
Credits: directed, filmed and edited by Claudio von Planta
Presented by Karzan Sherabayani
With Karzan Sherabayani’s connections in Irak we managed to hook up with a group of Kurdish PKK fighters near the border with Iran.

Western media is portraying the PKK mostly as a ruthless terrorist organisation. However, I must admit I was very surprised to meet mostly young girls. The short time we spent with them was really thought provoking.
What makes a 16 year old girl run away from home and join a guerilla organisation? There must be a very good reason. It takes a lot of determination and conviction to endure the incredibly harsh life in the Kurdish mountains and to face the battles with Turkish troops. Our report captured a little glimpse of their lives as ‘freedom fighters’.


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