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Rooted – Series 2 (Channel 5 – UK)

SUNDAY TIMES “It says a lot about how topsy-turvy today’s television is that you learn more about non-Anglo Saxon cultures and non-Christian religions from this one series for children than you are likely to from a year of peak-time adult fare.” (8-9 May 2004)

INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY “Ostensibly for children, but equally fascinating for their parents” (12-13 June 2004)

OBSERVER “Possibly Five’s best documentary series at present” (19-20 June 2004)

Karzan’s Brothers – Escape from the Safe Haven (BBC1)

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH Inside Story (BBC1) – Karzan’s Brothers. A real-life story of Le Carre thriller proportions… (TV choice of 15/10/96)

THE INDEPENDENT Inside Story (BBC1) followed the people-smuggling trail, out of the Kurdish safe haven and through a maze of countries in which the probity of the border guards was flexible enough to permit passage. It was a crooked road in all senses, with cheats and exploiters at every turn, and it was striking to see it. (Review by Thomas Sutcliffe



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